VAT registration Italy when you sell to consumers above treshold


Imagine that your business is expanding and you want to sell to Italian customers. You sell to private people and the business is going well. When you exceed the VAT treshold you are obliged to apply for a VAT registration. You look on the internet for ‘VAT registration Italy’ and will find RM Boulanger. You will find out that you have to fill out a lot of paperwork and when you get the approval there is a lot of administrative work to be done.

To be sure that you do it all in a perfect way you need to hire an expert in this field. RM Boulanger has the expertiece and can handle al the documents and administration. You should try First to realize that you are blessed that you have read this article. Because now you know where to go find affordable specialists concentrated in one location in Europe.

The advantage is when you to grow to other countries. You will also have the (different) VAT treshold. So you call your representative at RM Boulanger and explain what your plans are. The RM Boulanger employee will arrange all the documents to be signed by you and apply for your VAT registration.

When you are late with the paperwork you will receive penalties but also has to pay the VAT. When you have paid the VAT in your home country you have to get your VAT back. This is also a big issue, because governments want to collect and not pay.

RM Boulanger has representatives voor each country in Europe including Switzerland and Norway. Also when you want to export products to Europe from the USA. You need to have an EORI number. This number is your identifier at all the customs throughout Europe. One number is directly linked to your company. Also this will take a lot of time to arrange al the paperwork to signed. The experts of RMB can do al the paperwork in one time. So it saves you a lot of money and time to get your EORI-number.

On a yearly base the VAT rates in Europe are changing and because of this you need to updated about these changes. The changes can effect your margins and sales prices. You now know that this harm you. But you have the solution to overcome this problem and that is cooperate with RM Boulanger so that they can do al your paperwork. You can focus on your business.