The EORI number helps avoid problems at customs


EORI Number

Exporting from the USA other countries can be much easier with the one stop shopping concept of RM Boulanger. You can apply for your EORI Number and VAT numbers via RM Boulanger. This company is able to do ful Application procedure for the EORI number and al the VAT numbers in all the 28 EU member states including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. It sounds logical but for many companies it isn’t. They start exporting to Europen, handle the EORI number for al the customs issues, but forget the local VAT numbers. When you exceed the VAT treshold (different in al the 28 member states) you get penalties and your company can be blacklisted.

When you work with companies like Amazon and Alibaba don’t think that you don’t have to apply. This platforms only help you to sell easily, but when it comes to invoicing, paying tax, VAT en others issues you are responsable. So be aware that in every country you have to sell that you are well organised. RM Boulanger is located in the VAT compliance heart of Europe. Al the experts are centralized in the VAT compliance HUB so it is easier to access the knowledge and cut the cost for your company. RM Boulanger is handling al kind of customs and VAT issues over more then 30 years. So maybe the are not the cheapest of Europe but at least they are the leading company in Europe with the most expertise. With the new laws you have to be aware that you deal with an expert, because otherwise you pay the penalties.

Most companies don’t like al the paperwork and are only interested in selling. So for the less exciting work of the appliance you hire your VAT en EORI expert RM Boulanger. How does it work in real life? You just call your local RM Boulanger number or send an email. From there it starts with a conversation about your plans and your needs. RM Boulanger will work on a tailormade quotation that fits your specific needs. So you only have to agree and the process of appliance can start. Selling can be your only focus to councor the European market. Many companies are already working with RM Boulanger and seriously satisfied. So don’t complain after reading this article that you didn’t know. You just have to take the First step and the rest will follow.

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