RM Boulanger UK helps you through the Brexit


Publications about fiscal representation are more and more written by critical specialists. They see lots of problems when it comes to the Brexit. What will happen with the VAT handling abroad? Will the local administration frustrate the English companies? These and more issues can be solved by cooperating with a fiscal representative abroad. Don’t wait till the Brexit is a fact but contact now RM BOULANGER UK. This company can help you will al the paperwork in al the 28 different countries even with contracting you employees throughout Europe. Not only in the 27 Member States after the Brexit, but also in Norway and Switzerland.

RMB has always been a privately owned and fully independent VAT experts in Europe. Fiscal representation, EU VAT registration, VAT compliance are not secondary services nor part of other accounting, legal or customs services – these are our reason for being and receive 100% of our focus. RMB prides itself on independence and service – our clients need timely decisions and a personalised service. They expect RMB to provide detailed and engaging responses to each request in a timely manner. The plethora of international and national legal regulations that all companies face today can create uncertainty. Businesses need clear and direct answers to their problems, especially concerning complicated and risky matters such as VAT and taxes. RMB is big enough to make a difference and small enough to care – our structure means that we do not suffer from bureaucratic processes and never ending legal analyses. Each question receives our utmost attention and is addressed by an expert in the field allowing a rapid and direct personalised response. RMB’s terms and conditions are clear. RMB understands the importance that each decision can have and fully assumes its responsibilities. All of this is made possible because RM Boulanger is independent and has a long history of serving its clients with integrity and focus.


More information you find at: www.rmboulanger.co.uk

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