RM Boulanger is the independend VAT specialist


RMB or RM Boulanger

RM Boulanger UK with the European headoffice in France is of the oldest companies in Europe giving VAT services. This is a special field of expertise. Most companies doing B2B business inside Europe don’t have to claim back VAT. But when your business is in the B2C, then it is different. In each country you have a so called ‘VAT treshold’ that means as long as you don’t exceed this number, that you can pay VAT in the country that you are registered. Most of the countries in Europe are lowering the treshold, because they loos money. But what do you have to do when you exceed the treshold? You have to go after registering in the specific country to get a VAT-number. So you have to spend a lot of time to do all paperwork in terms the appliance. And everytime you have send in documents, you have to be sure that it is all correct, so you don’t have to pay penalties or fines. To make it easier for yourself you just have to look for a fiscal represenative like RMB or RM Boulanger. This company has a network in all the 28 European Member states, Norway and Switzerland. Even when your business is expanding you just have to call your contactperson or send an email to put the registration in proces. So don’t make things complex for yourself and save a lot of time and money. And what to think of a EORI-number?

One of the most common circomstances where you need a foreign EU VAT registration is when companies are selling goods across Europe, specificly through the internet. This is called distance selling or E-commerce. With the law change that VAT is a tax on the final consumer, countries expect from the online selling companies to register with them, but also charge and colled their local VAT. On the website of RM Boulanger (RMB) you can check the registration treshold. The most common treshold in Europe is € 35.000,- and countries like France are decreasing their amount. Even when you sell your products through the Amazon platform. Amazon will do the fulfilmment, but you as a seller are still responsable for paying the VAT in each country. You can call or email RMB or RMB Boulanger to check out what they do for you in al the countries where you are selling. Actually Amazon should make a deal with al the administrations that Amazon will collect the VAT as an extra service and they can charge there customers for it.

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