Manage your NBA Live Mobile collection with My Items option

My Items is an NBA Live Mobile inventory feature that lists available items including players, collectibles that can be used in sets and special program players.

NBA Live Mobile players have access to an inventory feature where they can check out their items. To see which items are available, players need to first access My Team option from the main menu. In My Team screen, they will see an option called View Items. Tapping it will bring the items menu.

There are three tabs: players, collectibles and unclaimed items. The first tab, players, shows all basketball players collected by the user. Each player has a card that contains info about him. Player OVR is one of the most important attributes. If the player has any special abilities, these will also be listed on his card. Russell Westbrook is one of the NBA Live Mobile players who have special abilities. If the player can be used for a special lineup, this too will be specified on his card. To find out more about a player, users can tap his card to see more info such as stats. Some NBA Live Mobile basketball players can only be obtained during limited time events or as part of a special program. These players are just like the other players. They can be used to fill a set or used in teams to improve a lineup.

The next tab, collectible items, shows all items players have acquired from live events or other activities that reward collectibles. Most of the collectibles are used to complete NBA Live Mobile sets. Completing a set will always reward players with new items.

The third tab, unclaimed items, shows items that are acquired by players but not yet claimed. These items are obtained as rewards. Players have the option to claim them at a later time. It’s important to check this tab regularly as some items expire after a while.

Players will also notice that there are four types of items. This classification is based on items quality and rarity. Bronze items are commonly found in game and they’re used by new players. Silver and gold are better than bronze ones. The best NBA Live Mobile items are elite. These are pretty rare and have a good quality. The NBA Live Mobile Coins are also needed for your nba live mobile playing.