Intrastat is part of Big Data



Eventually the statistic information (intrastat) for the European Union was collected by the individual customs in the European member states. With opening of the European markt and the disappearance of internal borders in Europe, the EU didn’t get the information anymore.  So since 1993 the individual European countries have to deliver this information by themselves. But how can the collect this information? The individual countries do this via the VAT number and intrastat reporting and big data.

So when you are cross border selling you have to be aware that you are VAT compliant and so provide the statistich information to the local government in the country where are selling when you exceed the VAT treshold. Headace you think? Well at least it is a lot paperwork and you as entrepreneur just want to sell. So what can you do to overcome al this paperwork. You can decide not to deliver al the numbers, but you are obliged. And where do you get al the information to apply for your local VAT number in al the countries you are selling? You are Lucky that you found this article. There is a partner for you to solve al your intrastat administrational, VAT and EORI issues.

This partner is RM Boulanger based in the heart of Europe where you find the VAT Hub with al the specialist concentrated in one location. They do more then just the Application for your VAT numbers, but they also fill out al the figures that you have to supply.

When you are located in the UK, just dial your national number and you will be connected with the Hub. The advantage is that when you expand to other countries, you can call and your own contact will organise all the paperwork for the future countries that you want to councor.

RM Boulanger is an organisation that is specialised in VAT services. Al the European member states have different VAT tresholds. To avoid problems inform yourselves at RM Boulanger. Each year the level of tresholds are changing. RM Boulanger (RMS) is guarding al the changes which can effect your administrational efforts. When you aren’t compliant then you can expect al kind of penalties. Instead of hiring new resources to do al the work, you can outsource the work and focus on your business. And when the VAT law is changing you will be informed by your contactperson of RMB. They can answer al your upcomming questions.

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