Fiscal Representative Netherlands




European countries have different trading options along with the different regulations for the taxation. There are many different taxation options like VAT, VAT deferment, MOSS, and Intrastat provided by many of the EU countries. Netherlands is a country where VAT system and VAT deferment system are available for the foreign traders. An appointment of fiscal representative is needed to initiate the trading operations with the Netherlands.


The duty of the fiscal representative is to make arrangements for the foreign company to get registered to the VAT system in order to start their trading operations with the country. In Netherlands any foreign company involving in the import operations can register for the VAT deferment system where they can get extension for the payment of VAT returns on the imported goods. This registration can be handled by the local fiscal representative by collecting the required documents and paperwork for it. The registration process is completed in the local language only and so the local fiscal representative is essential for it.


The fiscal representative NETHERLANDS ,whom you can contact thanks to, handles all the Periodic VAT returns payment paid towards the authorities. The regular inspection and financial reports along with annual audits are presented by the fiscal representative on behalf of the foreign company. The foreign company can rely on the fiscal representative for their VAT returns and VAT deferment registration required by the authorities in Netherlands. The Dutch VAT system can be efficiently handled and processed by the local fiscal representative on behalf of the non-resident company.