EU VAT registration you do with an independent consultant


EU VAT registration is important for companies that want to do cross border sales in Europe. Not only for companies outside the EU, but also based in the EU Member States. As long as your company doesn’t exceed the VAT treshold in an EU Member State there is issue. You just have to transfer the collected VAT to the government where in the country that you are based. But each individual country needs a lot of money especially with the refugee issues. So the EU Members lower there VAT treshold so that they can collect the VAT of consumers that have bought products from a foreign company. It is the company that is responsable to be aware that they don’t exceed the treshold and apply in time for a VAT number. To do this in al the EU countries is work for a specialist. In Europe there is one independent organisation that can help you in al the EU Member States including Switzerland and Norway…

This company is named RM Boulanger. The VAT Hub for whole Europe is located in the heart of Europe. Al the VAT-specialists work together so if there is a need to expand to another country it is very easy to go for Application. For the customer it is simple because they have to work with just one contact person.

The Application end with a VAT-number, but then the administrational part starts. When your turnover is not to spectacular you are able to send in the VAT information on a yearly base. But who can do the paperwork? You can do it yourself, but you have to avoid any kind of failure. Failure means that you get a fine. But you still have to do the administration. So it is better to do the it al how it should be and outsource the administrational job to an independend specialist. Why independend? Independend means it this situation that the specialist isn’t connected or direct related to an accountancy company. So you have the freedom to swap from one accountant to the other without affecting your VAT issues abroad.

RM Boulanger is also able to handle your EORI-issues when your company is located outside Europe. For you it is an one stop shopping solution. The experts of RM Boulanger can explain what is needed in what country to import or export your goods the easiest way without stress and frustration.