EORI number with help of VACUE network


Economic Operator Registration Identification is essentially a way of tracking import and exports within the EU so any shipments can simply recognize by customs. All industries within the EU need an EORI number when importing or exporting any business cargo from or to any nation outside the EU.

For those of you who are unaware or require help about all this, I am going to break down what the EORI number is and how it can be tackled.

You will require applying for an EORI number if you import supplies from or export goods to nations outside the EU.

You require an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number if you are required to give pre-arrival/pre-departure info for goods, or are concerned with the import, export or movement of supplies under a transit procedure.

The New safety law means that you should declare your goods arriving or leaving the European Union within set time restrictions. If you supply usual import or export declarations, you will be covered, but if you’re not declaring them in the standard way, you will require an EORI number to complete an Entry Summary Declaration or an Exit Summary Declaration.

Who should get an EORI NUMBER?

Usually, the person lodging the statement must get the EORI number. For example, if the carrier is lodging the declaration, the transporter will have to apply for the EORI number.

One helpful tip to remember is that if you are not VAT registered; you must apply for your EORI number after your first delivery has been dispatched, as that way you’ll previously have carrier and tracking information to hand – both of which are required for the application.

Numerous people wonder whether the EORI number is only valid for one delivery, but the truth is that once you apply for an EORI number you can use it on all your potential imports & exports.

When Do I Need To Use My EORI Number?

You’ll require your EORI number pretty much each time you deal with customs as it should be included on all pre-departure and pre-arrival information on supplies entering or leaving a customs country of the European Community.

If it’s an industry shipment, then your EORI number will be required, regardless of the worth of the order.

There’s a site run by the European Commission that can be used by the common public to check the validity of an EORI number. This site will also contain some basic information regarding the holder of the number such as your name & address, but this information is only shown if you formerly agreed to that.